Stomach Flu at Walt Disney World

Yesterday as we were walking into Animal Kingdom we came across a mom and a boy about 10 years old.  He looked weak and pale and was holding onto his mother for support.  We stopped and offered up everything in cooler bag to them.  Cold water, ice, a wet rag… I had forgot to put the powerade in and felt so bad about it at this moment.  They didn’t take anything from us, but the mother in her strong British accent informed us that they had spent the last two days in their room because he had had the stomach flu.  They had two days left and hadn’t done any of the parks so they were trying to see a bit of Disney before they went back home.  I let her know about the Baby Care Centers in each of the parks, that perhaps letting him sit in there to cool down while a few of the others (they were traveling with a party of 8) rode some rides, and that they could purchase powerade or gatorade inside the parks.  They were also getting him a wheel chair.  And we continued our walk into the park…

As we were headed to Mt Everest we came upon a family stopped on the bridge to Asia from Africa, with a young child throwing up over the side of her wheel chair.  I again offered up our wet towels and ice, they had everything they needed.  So we kept walking, but it got me thinking.

I personally travel with several prescriptions anti-nausea and vomiting (emetics) medications.  Two pills and one is a suppository.  I learned years ago when my oldest son would always get sick on vacation, that it was safer to talk to our dr before our trip then to make a call on vacation and try to find a pharmacy.  But in case the stomach flu hits you while at Walt Disney World here are a few things you can do to make it a little more bearable.

  1. Stay hydrated! – Powerade and Gatorade – There are grocery stores everywhere around WDW, but if you don’t have a car to get to a store outside of the resort area, then you can find them in all the of the resort commissaries and in the parks.
  2. Medication – If you can call your dr and have them call in a prescription to stop the throwing up, do it!  There are pharmacies surrounding the resort area, call conceirege or the front desk and they will tell you the closest one and the contact information for that pharmacy.
  3. If you brave the parks while you are still a little weak – Take a hand towel and a wash cloth with you.  Get them wet in the bathrooms or water fountains throughout the parks and use them to keep yourself cooled.
  4. Baby Care Centers and First Aid – Locate these two rooms on your park maps as soon as you enter the park and know how to get to them.  The staff at these locations are wonderfully nice and helpful.

If you are still throwing up, please do not go to the parks, wait in your room and get some rest.  By going to the park you risk infecting others and ruining their vacations.  Please be considerate.



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