World’s Largest Cruise Ships

The world’s biggest cruise lines have for many decades competed to own the world’s largest cruise ships and as ports grow to accommodate tankers and container ships there is the space for larger cruise ships themselves made possible with the latest in engineering.

At the time of writing, the largest cruise ships in service are the Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas: sister ships owned and run by Royal Caribbean International and each with 2,706 state rooms within their 1,187 ft hulls, as well as dance halls over two decks, ice skating rinks and massive 1380 seat theatres.

Royal Caribbean have many of the largest cruise ships in the world actually, mainly based in the Caribbean and gulf of Mexico but Norwegian Epic owned by Norwegian Cruise Line offers a very different cruise around Scandinavia including whale watching and trips up Norway’s famous Fjords in the third biggest cruise ship in the world.

About the Guest Blogger – Author Uttoran Sen is an expert on Cruise ships and recommends some of the biggest cruise ships for an exciting vacation.

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